“Maestra Carmen Moral, this dynamic and highly capable Peruvian artist, brought purpose and confidence to a vivid program.” Festival Orchestra D.C., USA. The Washington Post

“Carmen Moral’s greatest success. Her interpretation of Hector Berlioz’ ‘Symphony Fantastique’ captured the audience. The precise planning and logical tempi changes were most convincing. Particularly brilliant were the sonorities of the last three movements. The lyrical quality of ‘Scenes in the Country’ was expressed in a single singing breadth and the beauty, musical imagery and the inevitable conclusion of the ‘March to the Scaffold’ and ‘Dream of a Witch’s Sabbath’ evolved most naturally.” Symphony Orchestra of Russia. Moscow Culture

“Carmen Moral’s conducting is entirely professional, full of temperament...” I. Frauen-Kammerorchester von Österreich, Vienna. Kurier

“Carmen Moral’s capacity to lead and ability to transmit to the orchestra her points of view, based on extremely clear musical thought, were evident throughout the concert. Her large coloristic palette was particularly appreciated.” George Enescu Philharmonic. Bucharest, Romania. Revista Musica

“…ingenuity and humor.. .it was interpreted (Stravinsky’s Concerto in D) in such a way that not even the demanding composer could have made the slightest objection.” I. Frauen-Kammerorchester von Österreich, Vienna. Voiks Stimme

“A vigorous and sensitive personality… a full knowledge of the complex symphonic mechanism… control of expressive media… authentic mastery. Carmen Moral’s triumph was complete and legitimate.” National Symphony Orchestra, Buenos Aires, La Nacion

“Her version of Prokofiev’s Sixth Symphony reaffirmed the magnificent talents of the conductor who, conducting from memory, led the Philharmonic with great authority through all the paths of this complex score.” Santiago Philharmonic, Santiago, Chile. El Mercurio

“Carmen Moral is an extraordinary phenomenon. She unveils layers of music above the sound and penetrates the spheres of the utmost intimate expression.” Wroclaw State Philharmonic, Wroclaw, Poland. Ruch Muzczny

“Carmen Moral has an excellent insight into the use of contrast and continuity of color… radiates inspiration and leads the orchestra through the notated score to the deepest essence of the music.” Symphony Orchestra of the Central Ballet, Beijing, China. Guangming Ribao

“A conductor of a very special stature. Carmen Moral is a name that will be remembered in musical circles in this city. The Symphony orchestra has had many guest conductors but none like this one. Her direction was crystal clear, authoritative, and full of temperament.” Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Norway. Stavanger Aftenblad

“Another triumph by the Peruvian conductor Carmen Moral. An outstanding success was achieved by Carmen Moral during her third visit as a guest conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra. In the Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5, she reached truly splendid heights. In the dramatic instances and also in the lighter passages, the timely outlining of the soloists, ensembles and tutti was projected with absolutely splendid musicianship and exhibited a thoughtful inner force. She achieved maximum collaboration and optimum communication with the instrumentalists.” National Symphony Orchestra, Buenos Aires, Argentine. La Opinion

“The Orchestra was brilliantly lucid under the baton of the distinguished conductor, and in her conducting of Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2 the audience felt it was before an interpreter of great importance and authoritative experience displaying musicianship and deep insight into the score. The climax could not have been better realized by any of the most renowned conductors, and for that our ovation to Carmen Moral.” National Symphony Orchestra, Mexico D. F. Diario Ovaciones

“This Carmen is a different Carmen. In Beethoven’s third Leonore Overture and Tchaikovsky’s ‘Francesca da Rimini’ Carmen Moral performed with a most convincing style. The orchestra became a powerful means of expressing her inner feelings, as though she was not Carmen but the personification of Leonore and ‘Francesca da Rimini’. She was able to affect the audience with the same intensity of emotion.” Istanbul Devlet Symphony Orchestra, Istanbul, Turkey. Sanat Dergisi

“Here we are before a dramatic musical talent such as one seldom finds… surpassed all other versions (Aida) as a result of her vibrant dramatic rendering.” Flensburg Opera, Germany. Flensburger Abendblatt

“The Maestra conducts excellently. Her technical skills were immediately evident, as were her energetic and sure leading of the orchestra, her convincing conceptions of sound and tempi, and her ability to differentiate in matters of dynamics.” Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Austria. Volksblatt